Winter has come and gone and now we are in Spring!

Even though the weather is temper mental and we have gorgeous sunny days and days like today, dull and lifeless, at Plum we know the best way to style your hair for all weather during spring!(:

Wavy hair is the spring trend, this can easily be achieved by plaiting your hair, twisting your hair or even tonging your hair!

The best way to get long lasting waves is after you have washed your hair, blast dry until it is 90% dry, apply a few drops of the #Davines Oi oil and begin plaiting your hair and leave the plaits in over night or for the day! Undo your plaits and apply a texturizing spray such as the #Davines Sea Salt spray or the #Davines Medium Hold Pliable Paste.

Alternatively you can always tong your hair using a varied size wand or straighteners to create soft curls and waves; Apply #Davines Invisible No Gas Spray to each section 30cm away from the hair to ensure your locks are protected from the heat and it helps to maintain the waves/ curls throughout the day.

To book in or for more information on how to create the latest trends at home, call us on 01364 644000 or message us(: