Summer is finally here!

The weather is beautiful and warm and everyone’s smiling!(:


This summer why not go for a slight change with your hair! Work a cropped look, natural waves  or a radiant blonde to go with the lighter weather!

Summer hair is all about natural, light and simple!

Top tips for caring for your hair this summer!

1- Always make sure you treat your hair to a nourishing mask once a month to protect your tresses from the heat form the sun or from your heated styling equipment at home! Why not try our Nourishing Hair Building Pak to pack your hair with protein and strengthen it back up again! This is ideal for those of you who have natural dry and/or destructed hair or chemically destructed hair! This is £19.70

2- When styling your hair in the warmer sunny weather make sure you keep the  ends of your hair nice and smooth by applying some of oil to smooth down the hair and prevent any frizz this can be used on wet or dry hair! Alternatively if you’re going for a wet look then why not use the oi all in one milk leave in conditioner to keep your hair nourished and comb through to de tangle your tresses!

3- for a quick hair up when the weather is too hot to wear your hair down; split your hair in two and begin to plait both sides, once completed wrap one plait to the opposite side of the head and secure with kirby grips!(:


For more information on how to style your hair this summer why not ask your stylist when you’re next in or book in for your summer colour and trim!(:

Limited hair availabilities so book in quick to snap up those appointments!(:

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