Hair colour is one of the many ways to enhance a cut, add a subtle look or a complete colour change to enhance your face shape, enhance your natural tones or changing the tone using a quasi colour to create more ashen effects, some pinks or even blue!!

Choosing our hair colour is such an amazing thing! As the client you can choose the colour and your Plum hairdresser work her magic to give you that colour and help guide you to choose the best colour to suit you and your skin tone!


For  more information on choosing the right colour why not pop in for a skin test and consultation with one of our Plum Stylists for your first time colour!

If you’ve had your colour before and are looking for a change don’t be afraid go for it, find images that you like and we will do our very best to recreate that to personalise the colour to best suit you!


To to book in call us on 01364 644000 or message us(: