How To Do The Ultimate Straight Blowdry At Home!

By September 29, 2016Hair, Products, Uncategorized

Recreating the ultimate straight blowdry which was last done by your stylists can be done at home!(:

How to create a Salon smooth and straight blowdry!

Once you have washed your hair spray in some of the Oi all in one milk leave in conditioner- this multi-benefit product will aid you when coming through and will act as a heat protectant when you dry your hair, spray 4-5 sprays 30cm from your hair lifting each section so the underneath hair gets some too and using a wide tooth comb, comb from the tips of your hair and work your way up to the roots this will prevent any damage to the hair and making it easier for you to blowdry and style!

Using ¬†your Hair dryer blast some of the moisture out of your hair so it isn’t dripping but ¬†until it is 50-60% dry and apply a 5p-10p size piece of the Relaxinf Moisturising Fluid( the size difference will vary on the thickness and length of your hair) work this through your hands and apply to the mid lengths and ends of your hair. This product will help your hair to maintain the smooth, relaxed and straight look you’re going for.


Once you’ve applied your products use your wide tooth comb and split your hair down the middle from where your hair naturally parts and take a 1-2 inch section starting at the nape of the neck- the very bottom section near your hair line.

Pick up your round brush and place underneath your section starting at the top of the section near the scalp. Turn your hairdryer on- make sure you have a nozzle on it to help direct the heat to where you want to dry and make sure your hairdryer faces down to maintain a smooth section.

As you move down our section move your hairdryer and brush together to make sure you’re drying each part of the hair into its new shape.

Once you’ve dried that section take your next section and work through the rest of the hair.


Once all your hair is dry, to maintain the smooth and straight blowdry using your straighteners pop them on and take the same sections you did when drying your hair. This time use the Melu shield heat protector which is a light mister to protect your hair whilst straightening or use the No Gas Spray which will give you protection and hold on each section, both of these products need to be sprayed 30cm away from the hair to maintain the look you’re going for and to ensure the whole section has heat protection.

Use a comb when straightening and place your comb underneath the section and the straighteners will follow the comb. Work slow enough for the hair to seal in its new shape.

Work your way through the rest of your hair and once finished apply a few drops of the Oi Oil to ensure the ends are smooth and to tame any fly aways.

Finally finish with a few spritz of our medium hold hairspray to fix your style for the day!:)


Here are the products perfect for this look;


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