We are now going to be transitioning back to Davines colour(:

We have had our rep Joff in to update us on up and  coming colour trends, different techniques to add into our colour and the new and improved Davines Mask with Vibrachrome(:


Lisa had a colour change yesterday by our colourist Kirsty and then a Keratin Complex Express Blowout by Abbie with the guidance from Kirsty

The aim was to go for a cooler result as Lisa’s hair was reflecting a lot of warmth!(:

Here is the before photo;


Here is the after result;


As you can see it is a lot more of a cooler warm brown with some subtle balayage pieces through and how smooth does Lisa’s hair look after the Keratin Complex Express Blowout?


Lisa- ” My hair feels so soft since having the Express Blowout and my hair has never been so smooth or straight! Even my partner noticed how straight my hair was!!”


What is Keratin Complex Express Blowout?

This unique in-salon treatment immediately addresses the frizz issues with your hair. The formula is designed to be a short-term solution to battle frizz as results can last up to 6-8 weeks with proper home care. Enjoy the versatility this treatment offers you, with a lower price point when compared to the full Keratin Smoothing Treatment, the keratin in your hair will wear away over the weeks preceding the treatment, so it’s a low commitment/low cost option to get introduced to smoothing.





Home Care:


For more information on our Keratin complex Express blowout call us on 01364 644000 or message us to book a consultation with Kirsty(:


For any colour services please pop in for a skin test 24-48 hours prior to the service to ensure you are not allergic to our colour(:


To book in call us on 01364 644000 or message us(: