Dr Daryl

I am a Consultant Anaesthetist and have been an NHS doctor since 1998.

I believe in a structured, bespoke and holistic approach to all the care i am involved in, including the aesthetic treatments available at Plum.

I will provide a full consultation and consent process and am always happy to answer your questions on enquiry

This involves, (1) a chat about your individual concerns and the features you are hoping to be approved (2) a realistic evaluation of each problem area and advice on if the treatment is right for you and/or alternatives (3) a risk evaluation and full consent process and (4) a detailed personalised prescription plus treatment costing.

Anti Wrinkle

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment is available for common wrinkles of the face, including:

(1) Laughter lines around the eyes “crow’s feet”
(2) Forehead Lines
(3) Frown Lines (between eyebrows)
(4) Arch of Nose Line (bunny line)

Wrinkles from over time as the muscles in our face become heavily worked and tense , creating lines in the skin above.

A muscle relaxation injection into these muscles will therefore allow wrinkles to soften due to reduced muscle tension. This aesthetically pleasing smoothing of skin is the goal of anti wrinkle treatment.

The muscle injections use a very low and very safe dose of botulinum toxin type A (a protein produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum).

This clever agent relaxes muscle through the interruption of nerve impulses that control muscle contraction. Its effects last up to 3 months and then wears off.

The injections are either associated with no pain or, at most, mild discomfort. Needle phobic clients can request numbing cream at cost on their prescription.

1 treatment area £170 per hour
2 treatment area £210 per hour
3 treatment area £250 per hour


These very same injections can be used to prevent axillary hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating) for up to 9 months!

Many find this condition socially and professionally embaressing. This treatment can benefit all of those who worry about ‘sweaty pits’ within the work or social setting and allows clothing choices that maybe otherwise off limits for you due either to staining from deodorants or sweat itself.

Again very low/safe doses of the botilinum toxin interrupt nerve impulses to the sweat glands of the arm pit. This treatment has a high success rate, very low risk and longevity!


Some migraine sufferers may benefit from the use of muscle relaxant injections to the forehead and back of the head (occipital region). If this treatment has worked for you before or you wish to discuss it, please ask!