cutting prices

Director Creative Stylist Stylist
cut & finish (ladies allow up to 1 hour) £51 £46 £34
male grooming (allow up to 45 minutes) £33 £25 £20
finish £35 £30 £22

colour prices

Director Creative Stylist Stylist
root tint £45 £40 £34
full head tint £60 £55 £37
flamboyage ** from £100 from £90 from £80
balayage** from £100 from £90 from £80
ombré ** from £100 from £90 from £80
*flamboyage is an innovative colour instrument created by Angelo Seminara for Davines. The technique creates diffused and natural highlights minimizing the regrowth effect.
*balayage is an innovative colour technique in which colour is painted onto the hair to create a soft and natural lightened look.
*ombré is a colour technique where the hair colour is placed on the mid-lengths and ends to create a graduated lightening effect.
t-section of foils £60 £55 £40
half head of foils £70 £65 £50
full head of foils £90 £85 £70
finest pigments gloss treatment finest Pigments Gloss Treatment – a 95% \natural Davines treatment, Ammonia free, to intensify natural colour tones. £18-35 £18-35 £18-35
Semi Permanent Ammonia Free £38 £30 £22


hair up £40 per hour
vintage hair stylist to advice £40 per hour
groups and parties
catered for
braiding french and dutch plaits starting from £10

weddings – hair

@ The Location @ The Salon
bride includes trial, on the day
at the salon and hair
maintenance pack
£185 £105
bridesmaid £45 £35
mum/guest £35 £25

weddings – makeup

@ The Location @ The Salon
bride makeup includes trial and on the day at the salon £120 £80
bridesmaid £45 £35
mum/guest £35 £25


Director Creative Stylist Senior Stylist Stylist
0-5 years £18 £17 £8
5-9 years £18 £17 £10
9-15 years £27 £26 20

Covid19 - what we are doing

15 minutes will be added to each appointment to allow our staff to clean the area they are working in

We will be working in shifts to allow us to socially distance work.

We will provide you with a bottle of water upon arrival, be it still or sparkling

We will provide you with a bag containing a gown and eco-disposable towel for your use only (feel free to take your towel with you one finished)

At busy times we can’t always answer the phone, rest assured your call has been noted and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Upon entry we will temperature test you to ensure it is safe for you to enter

Hand sanitiser is available upon entry

Masks will be provided for you once you are in the salon however please feel free to bring your own

Magazines and hot drinks cannot be provided to our customers during this time due to government guidelines

There will be a temporary Covid surcharge of £5 added to your haircut to help us with the cleaning and wiping down of each area once your haircut has been finished

We will have an air purifier in the salon switched on when possible, if this is not we will ensure the front and back door will be open to allow air to flow through the salon

Fringe trims are not currently possible under government guidelines