Winter weather can be brutal on your hair. Very low  temperatures and gustling winds, combined with sun exposure can all come together and create some pretty bad hair days. Think dry frizz, split ends, static electricity and hat hair. Yikes!

Here are some tips on how to take care of your hair at home during the winter weather!❄️🌬💨


Dry hair and A Dry Scalp

The bitter winds can cause dry destructed hair especially more prone to hair that has been chemically damaged you may find it slightly more hard to brush through especially when you’ve been out and about in the winter winds!

Your scalp  will also be affected due to the lack of moisture in the air you make experience a dry flaky scalp!

To avoid getting a dry scalp and dry unbrushable hair follow these tips below;

– wash your hair every 2-3 days and when you’re out especially in temperatures below 5 degrees wear a winter hat to avoid letting the wind attack your scalp

– with long hair when you’re out why not try putting your hair into plaits, a pony tail, – bun or tuck your hair under your scarf!(:

– if you find your hair has been really damaged pop in for a treatment and we can re-nourish your hair back to its normal condition!(:

Split Ends

While most women battle with split ends year round, it’s most common in the chillier months. There are a few products available in the salon that can help to slightly repair the split by fusing them back together. However, the best way to get rid of split ends is to get a haircut.

Why not pop into Plum and ask a stylist about the best products to use this winter!(:

Limp locks

Since your hair is much drier during the winter months, it is also prone to getting limp. Your first instinct is to reach for your dryer and then curl it to add volume to your hair. Keep in mind, though, that hot tools can cause even more damage, especially since your hair is moisture-starved.

Keep as much moisture locked into your hair as possible. Opt for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. For extra hydration, apply leave-in conditioner onto your strands.

Static hair

Our hair tends to pick up an electrical charge from the dry air when temperature declines; thus, causing our strands to stand up. Frequent use of heat styling tools can also cause static hair since dries out our hair even more. That said, you might want to take a chill on the hot tools usage.

Use hydrating products to keep your hair soft and smooth. Dab a hydrating serum onto the palm of your hands and apply it to your hair.

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