Looking for a new shampoo? Struggling to find the right one?


We have a variety of Davines Essentials Shampoo and Conditioners in stock to suit a variety of hair types(:


NouNou РDesigned for Damaged or Very Dry Hair  Shampoo- £14.70   Conditioner- £16.40

With a citrus, spicy and aromatic note this is the perfect shampoo to care for damaged or very dry hair.

Minu РDesigned for Coloured Hair  Shampoo- £14.70     Conditioner- £16.40

This is an illuminative and protective shampoo for coloured hair with a Citrus( orange blossom) extract and fresh note the perfect shampoo to maintain shine and colour


Momo РDesigned for Dry or Dehydrated hair Shampoo- £14.70 Conditioner- £16.40

This is a moisturizing shampoo to refresh dry or dehydrated hair with a fruity and green note this is the one for you if you struggle with dry or dehydrated hair


Dede-Designed for all hair types as a daily shampoo     Shampoo- £14.70   Conditioner- £16.40

This is a delicate daily shampoo for all hair types with a citrus and green note perfect for those who wash daily!


Melu- Designed for long or damaged hair Shampoo- £14.70 Conditioner- £16.40

This is a Anti-Breakage shampoo and conditioner perfect for long or damaged hair with a floral and woody note


Love Curly-  Shampoo-£14.70 Conditioner-£16.40

This is specifically designed for curly or wavy hair and it is a elasticizing and controlling range for curly or wavy hair. With a citrus and green note along with Almond to nourish your curls and waves


Love Smooth- Shampoo- £14.70 Conditioner-£16.40

This is a smoothing range for Frizzy and unruly hair. With a citrus and green note along with Minuta Olive to elasticize and smooth down the frizz

Solu- Designed for all hair types   Shampoo-£14.70


Volu- Designed for Fine or Limp hair Shampoo- £14.70



For further help on getting the perfect products for you call us on 01364 644000 or message us or pop in and speak to one of our stylists(: